Susannah in the audio booth at Blackstone.

Recording the audiobook edition of THE POSSIBILITY DOGS at Blackstone Audio, Ashland, Oregon

Susannah Charleson was first published under her given name in 1981. A content provider before the term became an idiom, she has written magazine and newsletter articles, multimedia productions, PSAs, news stories, commercials, features and movie reviews for commercial radio, Web content for publisher Thomson/Wadsworth, radio theatre and parody for public radio, catalogue copy for a vintage jewelry store, and serial fiction on AOL. In addition to writing for media, she has worked in radio and television reporting news, weather, and traffic. Susannah hosted a Dallas-area arts & entertainment television program for thirteen years.

She is a flight instructor and canine search-and-rescue team member in the United States. Her search partner Puzzle is a Golden Retriever certified for the rescue or recovery of missing persons in urban, wilderness, disaster, and scent discrimination / trailing searches. Susannah and Puzzle share their home with a rabble of Pomeranians, a rescued German shepherd-Labrador retriever-pit bull mix, and a rescued Skye terrier-chihuahua mix out of Hollywood.

Susannah’s first book, Scent of the Missing: Love and Partnership with a Search and Rescue Dog, was published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in April 2010. This critically well-received book also appeared on the New York Times, Dallas Morning News, Amazon and Denver Post Bestseller lists, with excerpts appearing in D Magazine, Bark, and other online venues. The e-book returned to Wall Street Journal and Amazon bestseller lists in fall, 2012. Scent of the Missing is available in audio formats from Blackstone Audio and in e-print for Kindle, iPad, etc., as well. Portugese, Polish, Czechoslovakian, Japanese and Chinese editions are also available now.

For more information on the book, including a video trailer with Puzzle working in the field, visit the Scent of the Missing website. Scent is available through Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and fine independent booksellers nationwide and may be ordered directly from the book’s website, online, or purchased in stores.

Scent of the Missing was optioned for television in 2010 and is owned by CBS Productions.

A book that follows Susannah’s work with rescued dogs trained for mental health service to the disabled and for therapy work in the wake of catastrophe or trauma — The Possibility Dogs: What a Handful of Rescues Taught Me About Service, Hope, & Healing, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, June 2013.

Audiobook editions of both Scent of the Missing and The Possibility Dogs are available from Blackstone Audio/ Susannah narrates both books.

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